• making pink lemonade

    My campaign to turn an office prank into a driving force for good

  • thank you for your support

    Based on the $20,086 in donations and $5,000 matched dollars, $25,086 was raised for the CBCF and Peacock will remain pink for a full year! Thank you to everyone who donated for all your support.

  • the backstory

    I work for Traction on Demand, a Vancouver-based tech company and we have a culture whereby when you go on vacation, you typically come home to some sort of desk prank to welcome you back.


    I.e. office door dry-walled over, work-space rebuilt in a massive cage or in the bathroom, contents of your desk glued to the ceiling.

    I recently returned from 2 weeks’ vacation to find that my team had raised the bar on our office desk pranks. My truck, which I had left at the office, had been 'redesigned' with a Barbie, Pink-Panther, Pepto-Bismol-esque finish.


    The coating is Plasti-dip, which is removable although, without spending hundreds of hours peeling it off, I have yet to find a way to do so. My co-workers and friends were quite adamant that I keep it on for at least a few days (or weeks, or months).

    This made me think I should be asking people to put their money where their mouths are and I’ll drive it as long as they're willing to pay…


    Turn an office prank into a campaign for good. When life gives you pink lemons, make pink lemonade.


    So, for every $50 that was raised, I agreed to drive my pink Honda Ridgeline around for another day. I donated 100% of the money raised to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation to ‘Help Create a Future Without Breast Cancer’.

  • why breast cancer?

    Well first of all, the truck is pink so it made sense but also, I am the son, brother, grandson and step son of women who have been affected by breast cancer. I am also the proud uncle of 5 nieces who I hope never have to deal with breast cancer. Here are a few scary statistics..


    The number of Canadian women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. 4,900 will die from it.

    1 in 9

    The likelihood a woman will develop breast cancer during her lifetime (age 90). 1 in 29 will die from it.


    The number of Canadian women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer every day this year.


    The number of Canadian women who die from breast cancer every day this year.


    The number of men who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. 55 will die from it.

  • chris peacock

    I am one of few people who have been around since the first prank in Traction’s history. As the head of Marketing I am always looking for opportunities to tell a good story and this one is a doozie. Most would see this as a painful office prank that would be hard to undo. I see it as an opportunity to tell the story, have some fun and do some good. Thanks for supporting this one …or not.

  • thanks to my sponsors for keeping peacock pink!

    These folks are the reason this is all possible.

    I received a call from Norm & Pat Francis. Norm has been a long time mentor of Traction's CEO, Greg Malpass and sits on the company's board. Norm & Pat issued a challenge: For every dollar donated to the breastprankever.com campaign between December 5th and 24th, they would match it up to a maximum of $5,000. In other words, donations were doubled! Blown away by your generosity Norm & Pat. Thank you.

    In addition to the time and team support needed to pull this campaign together, Tractionites dug deep and donated their own dollars to this cause. Not sure if the bigger motivation was to extend the pink or support the cause. Regardless, thanks team.

    Nasir Kamrudin has been a friend of mine since before I joined Traction. Nasir is the General Manager at Surrey Honda. He is a client of Traction on Demand and the man who originally sold me a BLACK Ridgeline. Nasir is not so keen to take my truck as a trade until the end of this campaign when and if I ever get it back to its original finish. Thanks for your support Nasir

    If you know me, you know what a massive fan I am of Patagonia. The gear, the organization and the brand. Patagonia is a client of Traction and a fellow B Corp. Through Patagonia's matching program, every dollar donated by their team members, to keep Peacock Pink, was be doubled. Bravo Patagonia.

    Traction for Good the foundation side of our organization is run by Michelle Malpass. In addition to being my number one most active social supporter, Michelle and Traction for Good made a sizable donation to this cause and also matched the Traction on Demand team donations. They are responsible for many weeks of Pink.

  • “We’re thrilled to learn about the ‘Breast Prank Ever’ fundraiser organised by Chris Peacock at Traction on Demand. What a fun, clever and creative way to turn an office prank into something good! Innovative fundraisers like this allow us to raise awareness and invest in vital breast cancer research, education and patient support & information programs”


    - Bernice Scholten, Executive Director, Western Canada at the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

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